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at war with distance

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[March 8th 2004 ♥ 10:55pm]
The weight in my head has been derived from my waist. I'm in this process; fighting answers with more questions, building fires and putting out flames. It's not what we wanted, but it's what we've grown used to. The tremble of a hand shaking and the collapse of the heart sinking slowly into the stomach. There's plates full of half eaten food and cups full of empty conversation lining the tables.

Let's be honest, let's be passionate. Ensure that we adhere to all safety regulations as identified by yours truly. Tread carefully and breathe even slower. Let's not trigger the alarm or free the bullets in your gun. Let's be honest, let's be passionate. Pressing lips to hips and fingers to fret boards. I love acting as your instrument. Pick out a scale and I'll give you the key. Work out a melody and I'll sing you the harmony.

It's the shape of your ribcage and the beating parts of your heart that I miss. The line of your jaw and the breaks in the fabric. The smooth of your skin and the tiers of your mouth, the dips in your collar and the bones that stick out. The length of your fingers and the firm of your hand, the click in your wrists and the soft of your hair.

The street lamps are glowing through the curtains. Bring the city to my doorstep, I'll see London bridge and your face when I wake up. We can swap views and opinions and we wont walk any further than the end of the garden. The sun shines so bright but we're both stuck indoors, waiting for the other to fold. You're scared of growing up, I'm scared of looking down, and we don't want to meet in the middle.

I can tell by the curve of your words that you're feeling insecure, the way you speak your mind and confuse every thought of mine. You're giving up, I'm breaking down and we both feel so defeated. We're gliding brushes along white walls with red paint and black crosses. But you'll turn on the light by your bed side tonight, to catch me writing about how much I love you.
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